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As a designer, I consider my own work as a communicative link between my own speculative conceptions and the society that I am part of. For me, it is important to use my own projects in order to gain knowledge on the chosen topic and share it with others. Therefore, it is my personal ambition to contribute knowledge by using my design practice as a process of exploration and make it accessible from the outside in a final step.


Thematically, I focus my work on the creation of the identity of the human being. In this connection, I try to reveal different outer aspects that affect the process of identity creation and furthermore give shape to self-awareness in general. By taking into account scientific contributions of authors of psychology, phenomenology and sociology, I try to argue a possible change of identity creation in regards to the chosen topic.


On a creative level, I work primarily with materials like fabrics that stand in close correlation to the human body. This tendency is based on the imagination that the human body serves as the starting point of identity creation on a physical level.


Besides the visual aspects of my design, I use technologies in order to communicate the conceptual parts of my projects more dynamically. Therefore, I use electronic components of Arduino, to add new functions to the fabrics I work with. For example, I added electronics to the suits of the Morphosis-Project, to enable the people inside the suits to touch each other on distance by touching their own suit.

About me

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