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Copyright & Credits

© 2020 All Rights Reserved

The content of this website, especially Texts, Photographies, Videos and Graphics, are part of the copyright and are prohibited to be used by somebody else except Jan Tepe.

Acting against the copyright will lead to legal actions.


Short-Videos, which I used for the background of the different sites of my homepage are part of the following videos:

= HOME - Excerpt of the Morhposis-Video of Heyblend and me

= PROJEKTE - Excerpt of the Morphosis- Video of Heyblend and me

= PROFIL - Excerpt of the Manifesto-Video of ID-Film and me

= CONTACT - Excerpt of the Morphosis-Video of Heyblend and me

The following pictures, which can be found on my website are not made by myself:

= The Manifesto-Project-image is based on a video-still from the


= The profile picture was made by the Berliner photographer Lioba Keuck

= The background-image of the site Copyright & Credits is based on a

   video-still from the Manifesto-Video

= INTRO Mobile version - That image is based on a video-still from the 


I built this homepage/website myself. Therefore, I used the Editor from WiX.

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